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Hexodius Original Soundtrack

Jun 20

Hi everybody !

Hexodius is out tomorrow on Steam but you can already check out a preview of the soundtrack over here : 

You can listen and download the full lenght soundtrack for free here

Be sure to check the websites of the two musicians who worked on this soundtrack if you like it :

Stuff :

Vincent Pavone :


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Dev Diary 2: A “hexadimensional” complex to explore

Jun 14

In the Hexodius’ story mode you will have to find your way out by exploring this labyrinthine complex scattered across several dimensions.
We wanted to give a “board game like” feeling to the exploration of the complex to have a nice balance with the frantic arena gameplay. We came up, after a few other approaches, with a hexagonal grid where you can freely move and decide quietly what will be your next move. Your main concern is to discover where is the special cell that gives you access to the next world.

Here are some of the cell types you will encounter and interact with on the grid:


These cells are the foundations of the grids level design, by interacting with them you will experience the different aspects of Hexodius: battle in an arena (3 different game modes), access to the shop, repair yourself, scan the world for secret items, face mighty bosses and more…
Here is the example of how it looks like when we are designing a new world (this is not an actual world of the game):


And this is how it looks like in game (after some work on the visual aspect of course):


You’ll need a key to open a locked cell and reveal more of the grid. Try to explore the world, some arenas contain items to loot.


The locations of some important cells are already revealed, it can help you to choose your way when several options are available.

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Dev Diary 1: A drone full of surprises

Jun 06

Fred has managed to build the B.O.B – Z.1.0.3 to help him escape from the Hexodius complex. It will never share its engineering tricks to anyone but we can share with you some of the details of its designing process…

The main idea when we started designing B.O.B was its ability to carry four different types of equipment and use them during battles. Here’s the evolution of the drone’s design throughout the different development levels:



Before each battle you can tweak the equipment of B.O.B and customize it, using your favorite combination. The top-down view approach and the customization interface were key influence factors when choosing BOB’s design. Here is an in game screenshot of the customization phase: 


B.O.B – Z.1.0.3 awaits you on the customization bench ! Find smart combinations out of the 20 weapons and 20 upgrades waiting to be unlocked in the game.

There are plenty of equipments combinations to find, changing the way you play. From long distance shooting to close combat, you should not be out of options to battle your way through arenas. Here are some of the equipments you will be able to use:


Each equipment involves a different play style, you can equip four of them at the same time.

Stay tuned for more !

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Let’s talk about music !

May 11

It’s time to introduce the sound designer who will be behind Hexodius : Stuff !
To show you what he is capable of and how Hexodius will sound like, we share with you one of the tracks he made for the project :

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

If you enjoy it, you can check more of his work on his soundcloud page.

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First contact

Apr 17

- Incoming transmission -

Fred's portrait

“Hi, my name is Fred. I’m broadcasting this message but I don’t know if anyone – evolved enough, and that’s not an easy win – will ever receive it.

The situation is pretty critical here, I’m trapped. There was a system failure in the main AI program of the station which had unexpected effects : it seems that the AI has turned mad, it has now a full control over the station and above all … a bad sense of humor.

Crap ! I hear a sound behind the door of my shelter, probably one of these stupid droids.”

- End of transmission -