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Hexodius is available now on Steam !

Jun 21

Here we are, after two years of hard work, Hexodius is finally out !

You can try the demo and get the full game on Steam right here !

Enjoy !

6 thoughts on “Hexodius is available now on Steam !

  1. I would try the demo, but it says that there is no suitable graphics card found, which i find laughable.

    I have a Geforce GTX 560Ti which runs every other game i throw at it, be it DX9 or DX10/11.

    First impression? Not good.

      • Hi Cathulu,
        Try to look into your screen resolutions. Maybe your screen does not support 1280*720 full screen. Don’t worry an update is coming soon to have the game supporting all the screens (at least in windowed mode if your screen cannot display the full screen).

  2. Would have loved to buy this. But of course, this is one of those “indie” games not available on Steam in Japan because it has a Japanese publisher. Wonderful. Oh well. No $10 for you. And no game for me.

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