hexodius: trapped in a complex scattered across dimension... explore, customize and shoot

With its potent blend of twin‐stick shooting, exploration and customization, Hexodius invites players to explore the vast complex, equip their drone with powerful items and upgrades, and ultimately escape the clutches of the deadly enemy droids in a blaze of laser fire.

Players will explore the entire Hexodius complex with its variety of tricky and surprising gameplay mechanics designed to unseat all but the swiftest and most level‐headed drone warriors.

Master all the difficulty settings, conquer the story mode, smash the mighty bosses, then aim for the top of the online leaderboards where the real action is!


“Play Hexodius. You’ll enjoy it.”Indie Statik

“Hexodius fits the bill and is a solid arcade game.”Impulse Gamer

“Overall, Hexodius is a pretty entertaining experience.”Universal Gaming Reviews

“Everything just seems polished for maximum enjoyment”MKAU Gaming


Available now on Steam and XBLA!



In-game screenshots

Concept arts




10 thoughts on “Hexodius

  1. Ola fellow gamedevs :)

    J’ai apprécié la découverte de votre projet, et j’ai plutôt hâte de pouvoir le tester. Ca m’a l’air tout à fait fun, et j’apprécie la grande originalité.

    Je vous souhaite bien du courage, et tous mes voeux de réussite!

  2. game looks sweet. ive been looking for a game like this with pvp… would be epic! *hint* *hint*

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